The Repair Show

Season 5

In the fifth season many favourite items with small and big quirks find their way to ‘The Repair Show’ workshop! Presenter Eva Brenner and our professionals have a heart for old treasures that have been damaged and broken over time.

After the owners have learned all they need to know about their favourite items, the most important questions arise: Can the broken clock be made to tick again? Will the old piece of furniture shine in new splendor? Will a beloved heirloom be saved? And the question of all questions: what does it cost?

Whether furniture, paintings, jewelry, instruments or clothes: what can in any way be saved is in the good hands of our professionals. This season, for the first time, guest specialists are part of the team.

After all sorts of repairs, restorations, remaking and polishing, there is the big reunion of the favourite items with their owners. Are they satisfied with the result?


PRESENTER: Eva Brenner     DIRECTOR: Holger Heinrich     EDITOR: Nicole Schmeier, Jennifer Naß, Alina Krischke, Darie de Decker     PRODUCER: Bianca Zarandi      EDITORIAL: Sonja Hamm (ZDF), Stefan Bayerl (ZDF)