Turn of the Times


Covid-19, the one crisis that almost took our breath away, is now joined by another. Putin’s war in Ukraine. Both crises show the West to be vulnerable, and people’s lifestyles are changing. War and Covid-19 threaten our concept of prosperity. The turning point comes not only as a military reaction, but it can change society, as well as the economy and international trade. Globalization is being rethought. Change through trade, the great hope that economic relations would bring freedom and democracy to countries with dictators, has failed for now. The cards are also being shuffled in world politics. In the most powerful body of the United Nations, the UN Security Council, a realignment of political and economic interests is emerging. We are living in an age of crises.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Roland May     CAMERA: Thomas Bresinsky     EDITOR: Josef van Ooyen     SOUND: Andreas Dollfuß, Kai Wrase, Johannes Müller     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Wolfgang Aull (3sat)