Tuna – the threatened hunter

with Uli Kunz

In the ocean, the tuna is one of the top predators. The bluefin tuna – the king of tuna, so to speak – can grow to four meters and weigh over 500 kilograms. However, animals of this caliber have become rare today. Since the beginning of industrial fishing, the stocks of particularly popular species have shrunk drastically. Worldwide, about one third of all fish stocks are considered overfished.
Uli Kunz follows the tuna on its journey around the world. He highlights the problems caused by overfishing and pollution – and looks for solutions: What does sustainable tuna fishing look like? Can aquaculture be a way out? What are the consequences of the enormous amounts of plastic in the sea, and what can be done about it? And what alternatives are there to our hunger for more and more fish?


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Claudia Ruby     CAMERA: Torbjörn Karvang     UNDERWATERCAMERA: Lennart Rossenfeld     SOUND: Till Röhlig     EDITOR: Fabian Reisch     MUSIC: Claude Chalhoub     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Ricarda Schlosshan (ZDF), Marita Hübinger (ARTE), Michael Gries (Arte)