Update 2057 – The World in 50 Years

Robots can reproduce while human beings clamor to be cloned. Overhead automobiles whirr through the air. It’s the stuff of far-out science fiction romance novels, but low and behold, tomorrow is here today – in laboratories, either in some test tube or as mechanical prototypes just about to shed that last bit of clumsiness. Scientific research and development are racing headlong into the future, but only a fraction of the myriad of new discoveries and inventions actually comes into the view of the public eye. Which breakthroughs will actually make their ways into our lives, and how will we transition into tomorrow’s world from today? How will we live – and in what kind of world – 50 years from this moment?

In a spectacular Docu-fiction “UPDATE 2057 – The World in 50 Years” pictures a slice of life from the future based on today’s cutting edge research. In three episodes it focuses on topics central to our lives: Episode 1 revolves around the human body; Episode 2 takes on the topic of cities, and Episode 3 tackles geopolitics. Internationally renowned scientists add a manner of credibility to the predictions made by “UPDATE 2057 – The World in 50 Years” while giving them day-to day relevance and explaining the human consequences of progress.