Ways out of Darkness

Europe in the Middle Ages

This four part documentary sheds new light on the ”dark age” of European history. It tells of the scientific, technical and cultural achievements of the Middle Ages which paved the way for modernity and continue to influence western society to the present day. The film follows four protagonists on their journeys throughout Europe, reviving the medieval world of knights, monks, peasants and burghers.
Tells of aventiure and minne, the illusion of unassailable castles, the conversion of Europe’s last heathens, and the actual vulnerability of “knights in shining armor”.

Tells of true faith and heresy, the beginnings of business administration, the basis of criminal trial procedure, and the meaning of zero.

Tells of a royal wedding and compulsory service, the origins of income tax, the discovery of horse power, and the strength of a peasants’ army.

Tells of the mysteries of cathedral construction and city planning, the invention of cash-free transactions, the Behaim apple, and New World exploration.