With Pelzig on the bench

You’re fed up, you’ve had enough, you’re at the end? The Covid-19 crisis, democracy, life – everything sucks and played a dirty trick on you? Then here it is: first aid for wounded souls. With “With Pelzig on the bench”, a satirical road movie-documentary-talk format, Frank-Markus Barwasser alias Erwin Pelzig in a check shirt, with corduroy “Hütli” and “Täschli” continues his successful talk shows. He invites to conversation and punch to go on a rolling friendship bench. With him, troubled people can take a seat and catch their breath, get their worries off their chest and develop utopias. Pelzig takes the hardships as an opportunity to go in search of solutions in the three-part documentary series and to collaborate.

Bring your ideas for a better world after Covid-19, for a strong democracy and a happy life!