ZDF History: The Knights

Saviours in Shining Armour

Myths surrounding knights continue to capture our imaginations even today.
For over half a century, knights determined the fate of individuals and entire nations in Europe. Their freedom, strength but also their chivalric virtues made them a source of inspiration that still manifests itself in the culture of modern man today.
But who were these men? What is truth and what is legend?
For ZDF-History, we look at the world of the knights in all its dimensions – court culture, strong women, courtly love, adventurers and holy warriors, but also uncontrolled violence.


WRITER: Christian Feyerabend, Claudia Spoden     DIRECTOR: Carsten Gutschmidt, Robert Wiezorek     CAMERA: Roland Breitschuh, Achim Seck, Dieter Stürmer     EDITOR: Claudia Spoden     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Brigitte Duczek (ZDF)