ZDFZEIT: Loud, Brash, National

How Salvini, Orbán & Co. divide Europe

Europe is drifting to the right, nationalism is in vogue again, liberal democracies and the EU is being scorned by the right. Is the old Europe even salvageable in the face of the growing power of right-wing populist parties and autocratic politicians in the EU?


WRITER: Daniel Sich     DIRECTOR: Carsten Gutschmidt, Katja Nellissen, Daniel Sich     CAMERA: Florian Bentele, Steffen Bohnert, Olaf Jürgens, Jonas Sichert     SOUND: Axel Lischke     EDITOR: Igor Garbuzenko, Fabian Reisch     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Caroline Reiher (ZDF), Martina Schindelka (ZDF)