Augustus and Livia

Love, Power and Sword

For some, he is the murderer of the Roman Republic. There he was called Octavian. With the honorary name Augustus, he is the founder of the Roman Empire and celebrated as the “Emperor of Peace”. A man with two names and two faces. From his family not only his daughter was murdered. For he had a maxim: there can be only one Caesar. And Livia at his side added: And only one empress.


WRITER: Christian Feyerabend     DIRECTOR: Christian Feyerabend, Stefan Ludwig, Christian Twente     CAST: Franz Froschauer (Kaiser Augustus), Konstanze Breitebner (Livia), Mateusz Dopieralski (Octavian), Timo Isik (Antonius)     CAMERA: Roland Breitschuh, Philipp Kaiser, Martin Christ     EDITOR: Daniel Hamersky, Alexander Strauss     SOUND: Franz Moritz, Ralf Grohmann     COSTUME DESIGNER: Markus Kuscher, Sandra Schmidt     MUSIC: Christof Unterberger     NARRATOR: Mercedes Echerer     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Peter Allenbacher (ZDF/arte), Friedrich Scherer (ZDF), Caroline Haidacher (ORF)