Bastions of Power

Episode 2: Enemy at the Gates

Castles were bastions of power and the site of countless battles. Our documentary examines their military function from the 11th to the 16th century. When the enemy was at their gates, they had to withstand battering rams, catapults and sapping which called for ever new solutions by their defenders until, finally, large-calibre cannons spelt their end. Our journey takes us all through Europe, while historians and archaeologists will guide us through a fascinating panorama of medieval warfare.


WRITER: Martin Becker     DIRECTOR: Carsten Gutschmidt, Martin Becker, Sabine Bier     CAMERA: Jens Boeck, Torbjörn Karvang, Joachim Seck, Dieter Stürmer     EDITOR: Marie Wilbers     COMMISSIONING EDITORS: Sonja Trimbuch (ZDF), Dr. Peter Allenbacher (Arte)