China’s Forbidden City

In the heart of Beijing lies the largest palace in the world, the Forbidden City. For 500 years, it is the home of the almighty Emperors of China, who live here with their wives and concubines along with their entourage of tens of thousands of eunuchs and civil servants. But the Forbidden City is more than an imperial residence – it is the centre of the universe, a mythical place where Heaven and Earth meet. Magnificent rituals regulate the life of its inhabitants, Yin and Yang determine every detail of its architectural design.

The two-part film China’s Forbidden City opens the gates of this mighty palace, immersing into an unknown and mysterious world. Episode 1 shows the construction of the Forbidden City in the 15th Century and tells the story of its creator, Ming Emperor Yongle. Episode 2 leads into the 19th Century and portrays the legendary rise of concubine Yehenara as China’s most powerful woman.

In cooperation with CCTV and CITVC