Episode 2: Gods and Kings

Gods and kings dominate Ancient Egypt. They are omnipresent, lead the country into deep crises and to unimagined greatness – and leave a legacy that reaches into our time.


WRITER: Christian Feyerabend, Martin Becker     DIRECTOR: Martin Becker, Sarah Vianney, Leonard Claus     CAMERA: Adnane Korchyou, Ole Jürgens, Patrick Boyle, Bassem El-Kashef, Fabian Spuck     EDITOR: Rafal Bujoczek     SOUND: Moritz Herberg, Lucie Westbrock, Ryan Harrison, Elias Lindermann     NARRATOR: Nicole Engeln, Simon Roden     MUSIK: Carsten Rocker     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Annette Harlfinger (ZDFinfo), Markus Goldschmitt (ZDFinfo), Nikolas Hülbusch (ZDF Studios)