Alexander Gerst on Expedition

Episode 2: Into the heart of the Arctic

The Arctic is considered the epicenter of climate change. To investigate the changes in the ice world, astronaut Alexander Gerst ventures to Spitsbergen, right into the world’s northernmost settlement, climbs into underground “climate archives” and helps researchers explore glaciers that can only be reached by dog sleds. It becomes clear that the dramatic changes in the Arctic are also upsetting global weather systems. As far as we are concerned, in Central Europe, this development could have catastrophic consequences.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Luise Wagner, Lars Abromeit     CAMERA: Alexander Gerst, Jonas Sichert     EDITOR: Jonas Sichert     NARRATOR: Sascha Rotermund     MUSIC: Jens Hafemann     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Kai Henkel (SWR), Anne Holländer (SWR), Martin Schneider (SWR)