Terra X: Fascination of Water

Episode 1: Singing Whales and the Mystery of Raindrops

Water is the substance that has fascinated Uli Kunz all his life. The Terra X presenter is a marine biologist and research diver. He takes the viewer on a journey to the water worlds of the earth. He takes the audience on a journey to the hot springs, dams and waterfalls of Iceland. We explore the cave world of Switzerland and meet humpback whales in the South Pacific.

Every year between July and September is whale season in the South Pacific. Humpback whales spend several months in the warm waters to mate and raise their young. The males in particular sometimes sing for hours. Whale researchers record the sounds and try to decode the language of the whales.

All over the world, scientists are trying to decipher the secrets of the water: How much water is actually on Earth? How do trees transport the water to the very top of the crown? What role do clouds play in the eternal water cycle? And what do the songs of the whales mean?


WRITER: Jens Hahne, Larissa Richter     DIRECTOR: Claudia Ruby, Christian Twente, Juliane Zerbst   CAMERA: Fabian Spuck, Torbjörn Karvang, Sven Kiesche, Phillip Mall   UNDERWATER CAMERA: Steve Hathaway   EDITOR: Fabian Reisch       MUSIC: Markus Lehmann-Horn     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Ricarda Schlosshan