Terra X: Fascination of Water

Episode 1: Unknown Greenland

With marine biologist Uli Kunz, we travel to the Arctic and explore the water worlds around the world’s largest island: we show how polar bears and different whale species cope in this extreme habitat. The ice shark lives in the eternal darkness of the deep sea – and lives up to 500 years, older than any other vertebrate. Uli Kunz visits scientists in a very special research camp: in the middle of the Greenland ice sheet, they have pitched their tents to study climate change and a small algae in detail. Because the world at the Arctic Circle is changing, signs of which can be found everywhere. Greenland is a kind of clinical thermometer for climate change – and for the question of how nature can adapt to the changes. Uli Kunz guides us through this special habitat and explores the phenomena of the Arctic: How do the mythical auroras come about? How do plants and animals protect themselves from freezing? And what is it about the strange pillars that grow out of the seabed in the Ikka Fjord?


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Claudia Ruby     PRESENTER: Uli Kunz     CAMERA: Torbjörn Karvang, Steffen Bohn         UNDERWATER-CAMERA: Christian Howe, Florian Huber, Uli Kunz         EDITOR: Fabian Reisch, Claudia Spoden         MUSIC: Paul Rabiger         COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Ricarda Schlosshan (ZDF), Marita Hübinger (ARTE)