Terra X History: Germany’s double victory

The 1974 World Cup

July 7, 1974: The FIFA World Cup final. In Munich’s Olympic Stadium, the West German team led by Franz Beckenbauer faces top favorite the Netherlands – and wins sensationally 2:1. 2024 marks the fiftieth anniversary of this sporting triumph. Reason enough to take a look back at a match of the century in times of political upheaval. The protagonists from back then let us be there up close once again and report on a dramatic year of football between fear of terror, camp fever and the intoxication of victory.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Uli Weidenbach     CAMERA: Jürgen Heck     EDITOR: Wolfgang Daut     SOUND: Yannick Schmeil     NARRATOR: Philipp Moog   COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Mario Sporn (ZDF)