A German nuclear story from the province

On December 31, 2021, the Gundremmingen NPP, Germany’s first and most powerful nuclear power plant, went off the grid. A huge identity power plant for the inhabitants inside of the Bavarian-Swabian village. The film looks back and uses the example of the family of NPP pioneer Horst Diepenbruck and their immediate environment to tell how the people of Gundremmingen, and with them the German nuclear nation, became what they are today.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Marion Ammicht     CAMERA: Felix Landbeck, Hans Jakobi     EDITOR: Agnès Padrol Sureda     SOUND: Wolfgang Niebling, Tim Hansen, Jule Vari     NARRATOR: Eva Meckbach     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Monika Lobkowicz (BR/ARTE), Andrea Bräu (BR)