Miracle Materials

Episode 1: From concrete to clay

Episode 1 shows how building with concrete could become more climate-friendly in the future, for example with textile reinforcement instead of steel. An important model for the concrete of the future could lie in the past: in the opus caementicium, the ancient Roman concrete. But there is another way: clay has a favourable indoor climate, but above all its production is much more environmentally friendly than building with concrete.

WRITER & DIRECTOR: Jakob Kneser     CO-DIRECTOR: Francesca D’Amicis     CAMERA: Enrico Pergolini, James Rodney Stolz, Samir Saad, Oliver Vogt     EDITOR: Rafal Bujoczek     SOUND: Markus Ernst Rapp, Marcel Schmidt, Tom Claudon, Stefan Fendrich     NARRATOR: Maya Bothe     MUSIC: Markus Lehmann-Horn     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Ann-Christin Hornberger (ZDF/ARTE)