Terra X: Europe in …

Episode 1: … the last ice age”.

In the first episode of the Terra X three-parter, Mirko Drotschmann looks back at the Ice Age and presents new research findings that show this epoch of Earth’s history in a completely different light. The last ice age was a very long time ago, but it not only left a lasting mark on Europe’s landscape, but also on the development of mankind.


WRITER: Sabine Klauser     DIRECTOR: Nina Koshofer, Leonard Claus, Martin Becker, Eva Schötteldreier     CAMERA: Torbjörn Karvang, Tobias Sundermann, André Götzmann, Michael Kern, Eric Neugebauer, Sebastian Etmer, Sias van Zyl, Benedikt Fitzke     EDITOR: Marie Wilbers     SOUND: Simone Hartmann, Holger Jung, Till Röhlig     MUSIC: Paul Rabiger     COMMISSIONING EDITORS: Claudia Moroni (ZDF), Georg Graffe (ZDF)