Terra X: maiBrain

Episode 2: Sleep and dreams

We spend a third of our lives asleep. And yet many facets of this nocturnal time-out are a mystery to researchers. What happens in our brains when we lie in our beds like batteries in a charger?
On her expedition into the brain, Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim shows what is happening in current sleep and dream research. She explains why sleep makes us smart and why the nocturnal head cinema inspires our creativity. How our memory is formed at night, how sleep deprivation impairs our mental performance and what effect the wakefulness stimulant caffeine has on the brain.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Luise Wagner     CAMERA & EDITOR: Jonas Sichert      SOUND: Till Röhlig     COSTUME DESIGN: Jutta Krämer MUSIC: Jens Hafemann     COMISSIONING EDITOR: Katharina Kohl (ZDF), Friederike Haedecke (ZDF), Peter Arens (ZDF)