Terra X: Mankind and his superhuman powers

From physical superheroes to intellectual geniuses

Herbert Nitsch from Austria is the most successful freediver of all times. He has broken 31 world records, and nobody can hold their breath longer underwater or dive deeper than he does. After a serious accident, he recovered and returned to diving. Daniel Kish is blind, having lost his eyesight as a baby. And yet he can move around today almost as confidently as a person who can see. He has a very special skill that helps him: Daniel Kish finds his bearings through echolocation, almost like a bat. Jan Becker is one of Germany’s most famous mind-readers and hypnotisers. “It has less to do with supernatural powers than with precise observation and proximity,” he says. We put Jan Becker’s skills to the test.

All three control their bodies and minds in a unique way. “Terra X” portrays individuals with superhuman powers and finds out more about their backgrounds: What scientific explanations are there for such extraordinary achievements? What can we all do to mobilise our hidden powers? Because in many respects, these super-talented individuals are very normal human beings. They reveal the remarkable potential that exists in us all. What skills were we born with, and what can we learn? And where are the limits to what is possible?