Terra X: Mankind and his superhuman powers

Episode 2: Intellectual geniuses

Lukas Irmler balances at dizzying heights across the abyss. He is one of the world’s best slackliners. But how does he overcome his fear of heights?

At the age of five, Shi Yan Yao joined the Shaolin monastery. He has dedicated his entire life to meditation and martial arts. The control he has over his body knows no bounds.

Gert Mittring and Rüdiger Gamm are like human calculators. Whether roots or powers –unaided, they can solve even the most complicated mathematical problems in record time.

Derek Paravicini is a savant. He shows us what the human brain is capable of. Music is his world. After he’s heard a piece just once, he can repeat it on the piano. He knows 12,000 compositions by heart. Interacting with other people, however, exposes his limitations. As someone who suffers from autism, emotions and social rules are alien to him.

Unlike Jan Becker: he reads other people like a book. Jan Becker refers to himself as a human lie detector. How does he do it? And can he really read people’s minds?


WRITER: Sabine Klauser     DIRECTOR: Carsten Gutschmidt     CAMERA: Dieter Stürmer, Steffen Bohn, Torbjörn Karvang  EDITOR: Johannes Hiroshi Nakajima     MUSIC: Paul Rabiger       COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Friederike Haedecke (ZDF), Michael Leja (ZDF)