Terra X: Secrets of the Night

Episode 2: The City

Sparkling cities, bright industrial backdrops and breathtaking illuminations – night after night, darkness transforms Germany into a fascinating sea of lights.

The second episode, “The City”, shows cities that never sleep and regions that glow in long, dark winter nights. It also tells how electric light has changed life over time.


WRITER: Sahar Eslah     DIRECTOR: Sahar Eslah, Francesca D‘Amicis     CAMERA: Tobias Kaufmann, Adnane Korchyou, Christian Oberberger, André Götzmann    EDITOR: Igor Garbuzenko     MUSIC: Carsten Rocker      COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Valentina Adames, Judith Beyermann (ZDF), Friederike Haedecke (ZDF), Katharina Kohl (ZDF)