The Great Terra X-Show

Episode 3: Forces of Nature

The new episode of “The great Terra X-Show” is all about the “Forces of Nature. Johannes B. Kerner is once again assisted by Terra X experts Prof. Harald Lesch and Dirk Steffens with all their knowledge, while four celebrities engage in an entertaining knowledge and game duel.

Fire, water and wind are powerful forces that can only amaze us!
With the “Terra X” experts Harald Lesch and Dirk Steffens, Johannes B. Kerner gets to the bottom of the forces of nature that have shaped our earth and determine our lives.
Presenters such as Michael Kessler, Franziska van Almsick and Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim introduce us to phenomena such as lightning, gravitation and glaciers in inserts, and four celebrity guests compete against each other in an exciting and entertaining knowledge duel in the studio.


PRESENTER: Johannes B. Kerner DIRECTOR SHOW: Andrea Achterberg EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Karin Schubert CLIPS: Adriana Hristova, Leonard Claus EDITOR CLIPS: Claudia Spoden COMMISSIONING EDITORS SHOW: Thore Klostermann, Anne Reploh, Kim Helberg EDITOR SHOW: Ramon Raoul Urselmann