What if… Columbus had never discovered America?

The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus had far-reaching consequences not only for the “New World”. But what would have happened if Columbus hadn’t discovered America? Would we be eating pizza without tomato sauce and “sauerbraten” without potato dumplings? Would Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum be without Rembrandt’s The Night Watch? Would the Aztec Empire still exist today? And would millions of Africans never have been enslaved? Would Manhattan still be called Manna-hata and would Lenape tipis line Wall Street instead of the New York Stock Exchange? What would have happened to the millions of Europeans who sought and found freedom in America in the 19th century?


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Martin Carazo Mendez    CAMERA: Marc Riemer     EDITOR: Nik Kern    MUSIC: Paul Rabiger     COMISSIONING EDITOR: Jean-Christoph Caron (Phoenix)