History 360° – History of Mankind

Presented by Mirko Drotschmann and Harald Lesch

How did we become what we are today? Modern man has been in existence for around 300,000 years. In terms of geological history, this is no more than the blink of an eye. In an evolutionary sprint, man spread across the entire planet, “filled the Earth and subdued it”. Today, he even claims to be the creator of life. When did we begin to clear forests, build cities, wage wars? How did faith and religion, the idea of human rights come into the world?

Mirko Drotschmann and Harald Lesch take a closer look at these and other questions.  The presenters reveal some astonishing facts and explain how the histories of nomads and warriors, pyramid builders and conquerors, revolutionaries and researchers are still relevant to us today.

The episodes:
Part 1               Hunters and Warriors
Part 2               Gods and Empires
Part 3               Knowledge and Power
Part 4               Progress and Megalomania


Cross-media Innovation Project
The four documentaries are part of an ambitious, cross-platform history project by ZDF. TV programme and the virtual world are combined to create a content universe that spans time and space.