History 360° – History of Mankind

Episode 2: Gods and Empires

The second part looks at how mankind continued to grow together. Huge empires began to emerge on almost all continents – like that of the Persians, the Romans and the Chinese, where many peoples united and developed their own culture under one roof. What divided people and what always kept them together?


WRITER: Dorothea Nölle     DIRECTOR: Christian Twente     CAMERA: Fabian Spuck     EDITOR: Claudia Spoden  SOUND: Thomas Diesel     MUSIC: Paul Rabiger     NARRATOR: Petra Konradi, Philipp Schepmann     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Christian Deick (ZDF), Friederike Haedecke (ZDF), Winfried Laasch (ZDF), Marion Böhm (ZDF)