History 360° – History of Mankind

Episode 4: Progress and Megalomania

After the barbarity of two world wars, a new world order emerged. And for the first time ever, man developed global instruments that were meant to prevent wars and secure peace.  In the 21st century, progress appeared to be unstoppable. Today, mankind faces another new radical upheaval. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are dramatically changing everyday life and the working world once again. With the help of genetic engineering and biotechnology, man is capable of determining his own evolution for the first time; he is even becoming the creator of life.


WRITER: Dorothea Nölle     DIRECTOR: Christian Twente     CAMERA: Fabian Spuck     EDITOR: Marie Wilbers  SOUND: Thomas Diesel     MUSIC: Paul Rabiger     NARRATOR: Petra Konradi, Philipp Schepmann     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Christian Deick (ZDF), Friederike Haedecke (ZDF), Winfried Laasch (ZDF), Marion Böhm (ZDF)