Journey of Discovery

What kind of a world would we live in if there were no discoveries, new knowledge, no curiosity? What kind of world would it be without scientists constantly endeavouring to solve mysteries and understand our planet and the way it works? These researchers are our protagonists. We join them on a journey of discovery and allow ourselves to be infected by their curiosity and fascination.
Each expedition is unique. We explore archaic landscapes and watch animals in the wild. We look at developments on our planet and encounter foreign cultures. Again and again, our protagonists have to overcome difficult situations, solve problems and make decisions. We join them on a journey of discovery that takes them to five countries on four continents:
– to endangered apes in Vietnam
– to Costa Rica and its endangered coral reefs
– to Tanzania and the climate zones of Kilimanjaro
– to Australia and the migratory routes of birds
– to Madagascar and its threatened ecosystem