Journey of Discovery

Episode 2: Costa Rica and its endangered coral reefs

“Rich coast” – this was what Columbus once called the little country between the Pacific and Caribbean Seas. Although small in size, it is home to an abundance of animal and plant species. Shoals of fish and reef sharks swim past, and seahorses and sea turtles inhabit the coastal waters. Everything appears to be perfect …
But climate change is threatening the species-rich reefs all over the world because they react extremely sensitively to rising temperatures. Another problem is that oceans are absorbing more and more C0² and becoming acidic – pure poison for the calcareous corals. Marine biologists Ines Stuhldreier and Tim Rixen of the Bremen Centre for Tropical Marine Ecology are determined to do something about the situation. But first of all this means understanding the complex processes that take place in the sea.
Off the coast of Costa Rica, the scientists have discovered a natural laboratory. Here, they can take a look at the future of the world’s oceans. The marine biologists hope their work will help preserve the coral reefs – in Costa Rica and everywhere in the world.