Journey of Discovery

Episode 1: Vietnam’s endangered apes

Vietnam, a mainly agricultural country, is one of the most species-rich regions in Asia. A traditional way of life, rice cultivation and fishing still characterise the day-to-day life of the people there. But this natural paradise is at risk.
Vietnam is one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, directly after China. But the economic boom is having an extremely negative impact on the environment. Forests are being cleared, animals forced out of their natural habitat. This is especially true of rare species of apes that are being decimated by poaching and illegal animal trade.
Tilo Nadler and his wife Hien have dedicated their lives to protecting entire species of animals. The film offers us an in-depth look at how these beautiful apes are bred and looked after and culminates with the successful introduction of a pair of langurs into a still unspoiled, overwhelmingly beautiful environment.