Lesch meets Schwartz

Episode 2: Less is the new more

The gas and energy crisis is causing prices to climb to dizzying heights. And the climate crisis is adding to this. How should people deal with all this, and how can anything positive be derived from the burden? And in view of the many current crises, is the motto “less is the new more” to be recommended? In the second edition of “Lesch meets Schwartz,” Harald Lesch and Thomas Schwartz discuss the current world situation, the burdens on consumers, and the positive sides of self-determined renunciation.

CONCEPT & REALIZATION: Stefan Schneider     CAMERA: Thomas Bresinsky, Julius Dolard     EDITOR: Andreas Wüstefeld     SOUND: Anton Schlichter     MUSIC: Ritchie Staringer     GRAPHICS: Alexandra Hamann     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Harald Hamm (ZDF), Christiane Landwehr (Katholische Fernseharbeit)