Lesch meets Schwartz

Episode 1: Can society without church?

In our modern society, which is striving for independence, do we actually still need the church? How important are the social activities of the Protestant and Catholic churches? And what would happen if they no longer existed? These are questions that more and more people in Germany are asking themselves and that, coupled with the rising number of people leaving the church, are not going unnoticed in the houses of worship. A discussion with many facets, in which we accompany the natural scientist Harald Lesch and the theologian Thomas Schwartz.

DIRECTOR: Leonard Claus     CAMERA: Tom Bresinsky, Leo Adass     EDITOR: Andreas Wüstefeld     SOUND: Anton Schlichter     MUSIC: Ritchie Staringer     GRAPHICS: Alexandra Hamann     COMMISSIONING EDITORS: Harald Hamm (ZDF), Christiane Landwehr (Katholische Fernseharbeit)