Lesch meets Schwartz

Episode 2: Can the church protect the climate?

Are the churches lagging behind in climate protection or are they further ahead than many think? As early as 2015, Pope Francis called for a fight against the destruction of the planet. Nothing else means “preserve creation”. Recently, Catholic church representatives called for a “full stop on the highway to climate hell.” But what are the churches themselves moving? This question is discussed by natural scientist Harald Lesch and Catholic theologian Thomas Schwartz.

DIRECTOR: Leonard Claus     CAMERA: Tom Bresinsky, Leo Adass     EDITOR: Andreas Wüstefeld     SOUND: Anton Schlichter     MUSIC: Ritchie Staringer     GRAPHICS: Alexandra Hamann     COMMISSIONING EDITORS: Harald Hamm (ZDF), Christiane Landwehr (Katholische Fernseharbeit