Fascination of Water

Episode 1: Waterfalls: The elemental force of rivers

Hardly anyone can escape the fascination of crashing masses of water. But waterfalls are much more than that: To this day, they continue to puzzle researchers: How exactly do waterfalls form? Which species have specialized in this particular ecosystem? And what do they mean for the animals and plants in the surrounding area? Marine biologist Uli Kunz takes us to the most impressive waterfalls on earth, the oldest, the largest, the most beautiful and the most mysterious. He explores the mighty Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River and answers questions that every visitor to the falls has probably already asked: Do fish actually fall down the waterfalls all the time, and if so, do they survive the fall?


WRITER: Ulf Marquardt     PRESENTER: Uli Kunz         DIRECTOR: Jakob Kneser        CAMERA: Phillip Mall         UNDERWATER-CAMERA: Janneman Conradie, Uli Kunz         EDITOR: Rafal Bujoczek         SOUND: Hennig Jäger, Johannes Maschmann         MUSIC: Markus Lehmann-Horn         COMMISSIONING EDITORS: Ricarda Schlosshan (ZDF), Marita Hübinger (Arte)