Terra X Show Kids

Episode 2: Awesome secrets

On 16 September, the “Terra X-Show Kids” revolves around “Awesome Secrets”! They can be found, for example, in ancient pyramids, mysterious radiation – and the smile of dolphins!
Presenter Jessica Schöne welcomes two young teams of candidates who engage in an exciting quiz and game duel. She is supported in the studio by physicist Philip Häusser and singer Malik Harris. In the interludes, Sarah Mangione and “PUR+” presenter Eric Mayer try to solve the mysteries.


PRESENTER: Jessica Schöne DIRECTOR SHOW: Andrea Achterberg EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Karin Schubert PRODUCER: Anne Dudzic CLIPS: Corinna Hobick, Peter Lemper EDITOR CLIPS: Rafal Bujoczek COMMISSIONING EDITORS SHOW: Dirk Födinger, Anne Reploh EDITOR SHOW: Gesine Helten