Terra X Show Kids

Episode 1: Ingenious superpower

They exist in nature, among humans and animals: spectacular powers that never cease to amaze us! The latest episode of “Terra X- Show Kids” is all about “Ingenious Superpower”! Among other things, it’s about the many abilities of the octopus, physicist Philip Häusser also tests what our super organ brain can do and singer Loi shows how enormously powerful music is.
Host Jessica Schöne welcomes two young teams of candidates who engage in an entertaining knowledge and game duel. Sarah Mangione and “PUR+” presenter Eric Mayer present the topics of the show in interludes.


PRESENTER: Jessica Schöne DIRECTOR SHOW: Andrea Achterberg EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Karin Schubert PRODUCER: Anne Dudzic CLIPS: Corinna Hobick EDITOR CLIPS: Rafal Bujoczek COMMISSIONING EDITOR SHOW: Dirk Födinger, Anne Reploh EDITOR SHOW: Gesine Helten