Terra X Show Kids

Episode 2: Totally mysterious

Today, host Jess Schöne welcomes musician Wincent Weiss! He presents one of the knowledge games, in which this time two sibling teams compete against each other. In six rounds of the game, the focus is on mysterious phenomena such as auroras, UFOs or vampires. The mysterious power of gravity is explained by scientist Dr. Insa Thiele Eich. “PUR+” presenter Eric Mayer and actress Sarah Mangione again introduce all the topics in short films.


PRESENTER: Jessica Schöne DIRECTOR SHOW: Andrea Achterberg EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Karin Schubert PRODUCER: Anne Dudzic CLIPS: Jürgen Clemens EDITOR CLIPS: Rafal Bujoczek COMMISSIONING EDITORS SHOW: Kim Helberg, Thore Klostermann, Kathrin Striberny EDITOR SHOW: Gesine Helten