Terra X Show Kids

Episode 1: Truly gigantic

In episode 5 of the “Terra X Show Kids” it gets ” truly gigantic”! “PUR+” host Eric Mayer and actress Sarah Mangione travel with us to the Great Wall of China – the largest structure in the world – and to the sun – the giant star of our solar system! In the studio, Jess Schöne is joined by presenter citizen Lars Dietrich and marine biologist Dr. Julia Schnetzer with knowledge about giants in the animal kingdom.


PRESENTER: Jessica Schöne DIRECTOR SHOW: Andrea Achterberg EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Karin Schubert PRODUCER: Anne Dudzic CLIPS: Jürgen Clemens EDITOR CLIPS: Rafal Bujoczek COMMISSIONING EDITORS SHOW: Kim Helberg, Thore Klostermann, Kathrin Striberny EDITOR SHOW: Gesine Helten