Terra X: Superstructures

Episode 2: Columns for Eternity

Whether Stonehenge, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Hassan II mosque or Southeast Asian temple complexes – the builders of sacred buildings do not shy away from unusualness and gigantism. To what extent is architecture also a reflection of the respective religion and what does it say about religious denomination? The second episode “Columns for Eternity” tells the story of how the architectural styles and places of worship of the various religions differ.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Christina Trebbi     CAMERA: Jörg Adams, Jens Boeck, Martin Christ, Torbjörn Karvang     EDITOR: Ramin Sabeti, Igor Garbuzenko     MUSIC: Hans Günter Wagener  COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Alexander Hesse (ZDF), Katharina Rau (ZDF)