Terra X: Superstructures

Episode 3: Madness & Visions

Strictly speaking, we humans have four walls and a roof as our shelter. But visionaries, artists, billionaires and even dictators have left us the wildest, craziest and most insane buildings – for thousands of years. But what comes next: do we build even higher, in and under water or do we even go into space? Can architecture change a society? The third episode “Madness and Visions” answers the question of what drives architecture to extremes and what super buildings say about us and our society.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Christina Trebbi, Christian Twente     CAMERA: Jörg Adams, Jens Boeck, Torbjörn Karvang     EDITOR: Ramin Sabeti, Johannes Schäfer, Igor Garbuzenko     MUSIC: Hans Günter Wagener  COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Alexander Hesse (ZDF), Katharina Rau (ZDF)