The Great Terra X-Show

Episode 1: Riddles of the World

The focus of this edition is on the “Riddles of the World”. Whether fascinating natural occurances, unusual phenomena or mysterious traces of earlier cultures: the world is full of mysteries that can be marvelled at. Breathtaking places and mysterious phenomena all over the world are shown and yet unsolved riddles are illuminated upon.

In the studio, again at the side of Johannes B. Kerner, the “Terra X” experts Harald Lesch and Dirk Steffens. In addition, two quiz teams, Désirée Nosbusch and Michael Mittermeier, Andrea Kiewel and Eckart von Hirschhausen, will play in informative and exciting games of knowledge for the prize of 20,000 Euros for a good cause.

In addition, celebrities will present the topics of the programme in clips: ChrisTine Urspruch, Uli Kunz, Bettina Zimmermann, Michael Kessler and Mariele Millowitsch.


PRESENTER: Johannes B. Kerner     WRITER: Christian Busemann     CAMERA: Josef Motzet, Volker Riek, Andy Rotter, Markus Schwanninger, Alex Telaar         CLIPS: Adriana Hristova, Valentina Adames, Leonard Claus, Sahar Eslah, Igor Garbuzenko, Kevyn Goncalvez, Jennifer Naß         EDITORS: Wolfgang Lehmann, Corinna Loesel, Anna Rogers, Gesine Helten         COMMISSIONING EDITORS: Thore Klostermann, Anne Reploh, Selina Stefaniak, Kathrin Striberny