The Great Terra X-Show

Episode 3: Natural Wonders

On October 18 2023, it’s going to be wonderful! “The Great Terra X Show” celebrates NATURAL WONDERS big and small. It’s about butterflies, caves and geysers. But also about culinary and chemical substances with true superpowers!
Presenter Johannes B. Kerner welcomes YouTube star Sally Özcan and marine biologist and research diver Uli Kunz as experts.
Lena Meyer-Landrut and Smudo compete against Hannah Herzsprung and Oliver Mommsen in an entertaining knowledge duel.
And celebrities like Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, Wigald Boning and Bernhard Hoëcker present the show’s topics in clips.


PRESENTER: Johannes B. Kerner      DIRECTOR SHOW: Andrea Achterberg    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Karin Schubert    CLIPS: Adriana Hristova, Jakob Kneser, Kim Helberg, Marius Kimmel, Isabel Meine Vigil     EDITOR CLIPS: Lisann Schmeing, Darie de Decker     COMMISSIONING EDITORS GRUPPE 5 AND RIVERSIDE ENTERTAINMENT: Kim Helberg, Thore Klostermann, Barbara Siekmann, Kathrin Striberny     EDITOR SHOW: Ramon Raoul Urselmann