The Great Terra X-Show

Episode 1: Secrets

On April 26, “The Great Terra X Show” will be devoted to exciting secrets!
Among other things, it’s about mathematical codes of nature, alleged research on UFOs in the legendary Area 51 and about Banksy – the famous street artist whose identity hardly anyone knows.
This time, host Johannes B. Kerner is supported by meteorologist Dr. Insa Thiele-Eich and “MrWissen2Go” Mirko Drotschmann.
Judith Rakers and Oliver Wnuk compete against Sonya Kraus and Matthias Matschke in an exciting knowledge duel.
And celebrities like Katharina Thalbach, Wigald Boning, Eko Fresh and Michael Kessler present the show’s topics in inserts.


PRESENTER: Johannes B. Kerner      DIRECTOR SHOW: Andrea Achterberg    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Karin Schubert    CLIPS: Alexandra Broschk, Leonard Claus, Kim Helberg, Marius Kimmel     EDITOR CLIPS: Marie Wilbers, Lisann Schmeing     COMMISSIONING EDITORS GRUPPE 5 AND RIVERSIDE ENTERTAINMENT: Kim Helberg, Thore Klostermann, Kathrin Striberny     EDITOR SHOW: Ramon Raoul Urselmann