The Great Terra X-Show


Whether it’s adventurer and extreme sportsman Jonas Deichmann – who became famous as the “German Forrest Gump” during his triathlon around the world, surfer Sebastian Steudtner, who plunges into monster waves, super-brains who can calculate crazy powers in their heads or apnoea divers who dive into the depths without oxygen – we are fascinated by people who achieve the extraordinary.
Johannes B. Kerner hosts the show – supported by Terra X expert Professor Harald Lesch.
Felicitas Woll and Sebastian Ströbel fight against Magdalena Neuner and Richy Müller in a knowledge duel for 20,000 euros for a good cause.
Janin Ullmann and Terra X expert Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, among others, will present the topics of the show in clips.


PRESENTER: Johannes B. Kerner      DIRECTOR SHOW: Andrea Achterberg    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Karin Schubert    CLIPS: Adriana Hristova, Kim Helberg, Marius Kimmel, Isabel Meine Vigil     EDITOR CLIPS: Darie de Decker, Marie Wilbers     COMMISSIONING EDITORS GRUPPE 5 AND RIVERSIDE ENTERTAINMENT: Kim Helberg, Thore Klostermann, Barbara Siekmann, Kathrin Striberny     EDITOR SHOW: Ramon Raoul Urselmann