Episode 5: The fiercest rivalries in history

A healthy rivalry never hurt anyone. On the contrary, it can even stimulate exceptional performance. George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison, for example. Their rivalry in the electricity war ensured that Nikola Tesla was able to fully exploit his potential and accelerate the electrification of the world by many years. It gets exciting when small meets big. Who would have thought that the small Greek city-states would be able to stand up to the Persian Empire and even bring it to its knees in the end? And then there are the rivalries that characterise our everyday lives: Complementary colour, dogs versus cats, or women versus men, of course.


WRITER: Martin Becker     EDITOR: Alina Krischke     RIGHTS CLEARANCE: Christina Hilden     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Tina Weimer (ZDF), Johannes Geiger (ZDF)