The Swarm

Episode 2: What threats lurk in the ocean?

It’s a journey into the unknown: On one of the world’s most modern research vessels, the SONNE, the crew heads for one of the longest deep-sea trenches on Earth, the Aleutian Trench in the Pacific. There, the researchers want to find out who lives there, thousands of miles below the water’s surface. For to date, the deep sea and ocean floor have been more poorly explored than the surface of the Moon and Mars. The film accompanies the international deep-sea expedition on its mission, explains why the largest animal migration on the planet takes place in the sea every night, what role ice worms play in the ecosystem, what burning ice is all about and what sophisticated network single-celled organisms have developed for communication.


WRITER & DIRECTOR: Thomas Lischak     CAMERA: Chris Grewe, Pablo Gollmer Hidalgo     UNDERWATER-CAMERA: Eytan Nadel     EDITOR: Jens Greuner     SOUND: Tembela Bohle     NARRATOR: Gergana Muskala     MUSIC: Dascha Dauenhauer     COMMISSIONING EDITORS: Peter Arens (ZDF), Achim Odziomek (ZDF)