With Pelzig on the Bench

Episode 2: F***cking Money – What arre you doing to me?

As tempting as the idea of belonging to the rich man’s club is, Pelzig isn’t so sure he wants to be rich anymore. The “mind set” it takes, the winning mentality, doesn’t suit him. But he doesn’t want to continue on the loser track either. Does money corrupt character? Or do you need a bad one per se to become rich in the first place? Pelzig invites psychologists, lottery winners, losers of millions to his bank to find out what money makes of us.


WRITER: Eva Schötteldreier, Frank-Markus Barwasser     DIRECTOR: Eva Schötteldreier      CAMERA: Adnane Korchyou, Sebastian Wunderlich     EDITOR: Fabian Reisch SOUND: Marcel Lepel     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Wolfgang Aull (3sat)