The Journey of Mankind

Episode 2: Strange new worlds

When Christopher Columbus set foot on American soil in 1492, he set in motion a completely new migration movement. Europeans directly or indirectly set in motion almost all of the 500 million people who populated the world at that time. Wherever Europeans settled and ruled in North and South America, Asia, Africa or Australia, they imported plants and animals, religion and language, but also diseases, with dramatic consequences.


WRITER: Susanne Utzt, Cristina Trebbi     DIRECTOR: Christian Twente, Cristina Trebbi, Stefan Schneider     CAMERA: Martin Christ, Torbjörn Karvang, Fabian Spuck     EDITOR: Fabian Wienke     SOUND: Joachim Köhler, Andreas Mohnke     MUSIC: Paul Rabiger     COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Friederike Haedecke (ZDF), Johannes Geiger (ZDF)