Terra X: Germany in…

Episode 1: The Early Bronze Age

Mirko Drotschmann tells of a lost empire that probably existed in the middle of Germany about 4000 years ago. The discovery of the Sky Disk put researchers on its trail – discovering cult sites and princely tombs – and the largest settlement in Central Europe at the time. It is the time when a new material revolutionizes the world: bronze. Mass production and mobility, the formation of elites, new weapons and the first battles profoundly transform life.


WRITER: Sabine Klauser     DIRECTORS: Nina Koshofer, Robert Wiezorek, Sahar Eslah, Leonard Claus    CAMERA:  Torbjörn Karvang, Joachim Seck, Marc Riemer         EDITOR:  Claudia Spoden         SOUND:  Simone Hartmann         COSTUME DESIGNER:  Ina Damyanova         MUSIC:  Paul Rabiger      COMMISSIONING EDITOR: Georg Graffe (ZDF), Claudia Moroni (ZDF)